Every person has their own journey towards self discovery and this is why it is so important to let people find their own way free of judgement. My wife and I were vegetarian for 15 years before going completely vegan. We had stints of going vegan for a small periods along the way but we didn’t fully commit till 2017. That is when the “switch” flicked in our minds. Once this switch happens, thats it. you begin to look at food and animal products in an entire different light. 

I was a full-on meat eater till I was 25.. I grew up eating meat and never really thought too much of it. I loved animals growing up, had plenty of pets along the way and even considered a career as veterinaian for short while after high school. My wife was the one who challenged my beliefs.. She had dabbled in vegetarianism from a young teen on into adulthood. She always struggled with how we could love one species, and eat another. 

She made the decsion to be vegetarian in the early 2000’s. I followed shortly after – holding on to fish thinking it was the healthiest of the meats (and I really like sushi) I still remember the last time I ate sushi in 2003 or so. We were commited and never knowlingly strayed from this. I had read FastFood Nation by Eric Schlosser and that was it for me. This book looks at the impact of factory farming – a movement that was really brought to fruition from the overwhelming demand that the fast food market brought to reality: the need for lots of meat at a really cheap cost. The out come of is one of pure devestation – for the Earth, our health and of course for the millions of animals that are treated like products instead of senitent beings. With our growing population and growing appetite to eat meat with every meal, factory farming quickly became the norm. Today up to 95% of our meat comes from factory farms (this number varies depending on the animals from 99.9% of chickens being raised this way to 80% of cows) 

We always knew living a vegan lifestyle was something we wanted to do, and for me, I had watched enough documentaries that I just couldn’t ignore the truth any longer. I made the full switch in late 2016 and it was the best decision I ever made, for my health (physical and mental), for the environment, and most importantly for the animals. 

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